Contracts And All That Not So Fun Stuff


Deposits are $300 to hold your place on our waitlist.

Contact us for a deposit contract until I figure out how to put it on this site! A pro on raising puppies yes! Techy not so much.

Puppy questionnaire

Puppy applications are intimidating aren"t they?

Ours is a get to know you questionnaire to learn how we can help you have happy success with your new family member.

Health guarantees are important!

A health guarantee is something we all love. We do everything in our power to produce healthy healthy babies and keep them that way!

Contact us for our contract until its up on this site.

Lifetime support

We're here for you!!

We LOVE our babies and puppy families. We hope to be as involved as you allow us. Forever.

Always available for the life of your dog and beyond!

Nutrition is vital

We feed Life's Abundance after researching and comparing foods. If you love it great. If you want to go another way we will help any way we can to find the best nutrition for your puppy.


We have access to lots of training tips and programs that we'd love to share with you. A puppy class is recommended to train you!

Vaccination protocol

We start out your puppy with the Neopar Parvo only vaccine. Due to our protocol we are able to guarantee against parvo.

Maternal antibodies that are a part of your puppies immune system cancel out vaccines if given too early. We follow Dr. Jean Dodds vaccine protocol to ensure your puppy develops immunities properly.

Something on your mind?

Did we miss something that you're dying to know about? Just like the voicemail message that says " Your call is important to us" .....Your questions are important to us. Don't hesitate to ask.


Please contact me through contact form, text or phone call before filling out the questionnaire. This form is for your convenience after we have spoken and you have decided to get a puppy from us.