Contracts And All That Not So Fun Stuff


Deposits are $300 to hold your place on our waitlist.
We except deposits for a particular upcoming litter but you are free to roll that over to any litter/timeframe that meets your needs. You may roll over your deposit as many times as you'd like.
Puppy choice is based on order of deposits but we do things a little different. To give everyone equal opportunity to be higher up in the waitlist order we except deposits based on color requested. For example there can be a number one choice for each expected color. #1 for traditional tri color, #1 for tri color chocolate, #1 for tri color merle etc etc.

Puppy questionnaire

Puppy applications are intimidating aren"t they?

Ours is a get to know you questionnaire to learn how we can help you have happy success with your new family member. Answer each question honestly so that we can know what needs you may have. Our goal is happy success and an enjoyable experience with your puppy ( and us)!

Health guarantees are important!

A health guarantee is something we all love. We do everything in our power to produce healthy healthy babies and keep them that way! We provide a 2 year health guarantee but we might as well make it for life as each of our parents have been health tested for over 200 inheritable diseases. Your puppy will not inherit any genetically inheritable disease. We test with Embark and Pawprint labs. We double test with two labs for accuracy.
We have a wealth of knowledge on canine health and nutrition. Continued education and research is done by us to be sure that we have knowledge of current veterinary studies. We believe in the natural healthy canine and not only implement but also educate our puppy families on natural health for your dog.We are always here for you for the life of your dog. Our knowledge and suggestions can save you on veterinary bills ( ear infections as an example).

Lifetime support

We're here for you!!

We LOVE our babies and puppy families. We hope to be as involved as you allow us. Forever.

Always available for the life of your dog and beyond! We don't believe in just selling someone a puppy. Each puppy is a precious life that will be a precious family member to their new family. We are available 7 days a week for any questions or concerns. Always!

Nutrition is vital

We feed Life's Abundance All Life Stages paired with raw food. After researching and comparing foods we have found what we feel is the best nutrition for our canine family members and puppies. If you love it great. If you want to go another way we will help any way we can to find the best nutrition for your puppy. Feeding commercially prepared raw food is the very best for your puppy/dog. If this is something you're interested in we'll help with brands and cost efficient sources.


We have access to lots of training tips and programs that we'd love to share with you. A trained pup is a happy pup! At 8 weeks your Bernedoodle puppy is fully capable of learning obedience and even tricks all while having fun. Our Bernedoodle puppies are highly intelligent with remarkable temperaments. At 8 weeks they are intelligent little sponges ready to learn with the training you provide. Training doesn't need to be laborious or time consuming. Training can be done in little snippets along the way as you enjoy your puppy on a daily basis.

Vaccination protocol

We start out your puppy with the Neopar Parvo only vaccine. Due to our protocol we are able to guarantee against parvo.

Maternal antibodies that are a part of your puppies immune system cancel out vaccines if given too early. We follow Dr. Jean Dodds vaccine protocol to ensure your puppy develops immunities properly.

Many breeders start a 5 in 1 vaccine at 6 weeks of which is a disservice to you and your puppy. That vaccine set at 6 weeks is canceled out by maternal antibodies the puppies receive from their mother. As a result your puppy has received added toxins with no benefit and is then later missing out on a dose in the series at a time when they would benefit from it.
We start them with the Neopar Parvo vaccine at 6 weeks because Neotech has been able to formulate a vaccine that is not interfered with by maternal antibodies.

Something on your mind?

Did we miss something that you're dying to know about? Just like the voicemail message that says " Your call is important to us" .....Your questions are important to us. Don't hesitate to ask.