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A Note On Coloring

What will my puppy look like?

We've done our homework so that we are able to produce gorgeous coloring and markings.

Our parent dogs are not only health tested but are color and coat type tested.. Phenotype is the physically expressed color of the dog. Genotype is the color genes they carry and can produce.

While some of our Mamas are black and white (phenotype) they carry genes for producing Tri-color. (genotype).

Will he look like Uncle Harry?

Lately, we've had quite a few people trying to imagine the facial features of upcoming puppies by trying to imagine a cross between the facial coloring of each parent. It doesn't work that way. Each puppy will be marked differently and none will be a carbon copy of Mom or Dad. That's where the Uncle Harry joke comes in. When human babies are born and we look at their facial features, it's easily apparent that little Johnny looks just like Mom or Dad or even Uncle Harry. It's understandable that someone would transfer that logic onto a puppy. Just know that we pair our parents based on color genetics with the goal of the look that everyone wants. Scarlett for example does not have a white blaze on her face. Will she produce puppies with a white blaze? Yes, she will!!

There's those words Genotype and phenotype again!

Our Mommies and Daddies are not brown (I like to use the word Chocolate, it sounds yummier) but they do produce chocolate. Their Phenotype is traditional Tri-color or black and white but within their genotype they carry chocolate. The brown gene is little b. Each of our parents carries one b brown and one B Black. The puppies that inherit two little b's will be yummy chocolate. The puppies that inherit Bb will be blacked-based. The majority of the litter is black based as in traditional Tri-color. Later in 2022, we'll have a few red/white. That's going to be fun!

Pink noses?

Another question I get asked is about a newborns pink nose. Their noses fill in black very quickly (brown on a chocolate). As their nose color is filling in they will have spotty pink with their black or brown nose. Usually by the time you take your puppy home this process is complete and you have a solid black or brown nose. A black based Bernedoodle will not and should not have a brown nose.

Flashy babies!

Many people are not aware that Bernedoodles come in parti patterns or Merle. Those are some flashy eye catching dogs! We of course have traditional Tri color but also get fun flashy colors for those that think outside of the box. Most of our litters will be all Tri color including the parti or merle pups. Most of our puppies are traditional Tri color. Our Chocolate Tri color are in high demand. I wish that we got more than a couple in each litter.

Current And Planned Litters

Available puppies!

We have puppies! Both mini and Medium.

Fendy currently has Bernedoodle Puppies Available in Tri Color and Phantom colors. They are ready September 10th.

We will have both mini and medium size Bernedoodle Puppies in the fall. Traditional Tri Color Bernedoodle Puppies and Tri Color Parti Bernedoodle Puppies including Chocolate Bernedoodle Puppies. Aria will have gorgeous Merle Bernedoodle Puppies. So gorgeous that we're going to a repeat the litter with the same stud.

Micro Mini Bernedoodle Puppies! Early 2023. Check out our Micro Mini Bernedoodle puppy parents on our parents page.

Bernedoodle puppies are $3500-4500.

Traditional Tri color Bernedoodle Puppies

Tri Color Chocolate Bernedoodle puppies

Tri color chocolate parti

Tri Color Black and White Parti Bernedoodle puppies

Tri color Black and white part. Parti is at least 50% white

Merle Bernedoodle Puppies

We don't often have Merle Bernedoodle Puppies. Aria had such beautiful pups with a stud belonging to a breeder friend that we're doing it again!

Tri Color Merle Bernedoodle Puppies

Blue Merle Bernedoodle Puppies

Merle Parti Bernedoodle Puppies

Tri Color Merle Bernedoodle Puppies come in yummy chocolate too!

Bernedoodle Puppies Available Or On The Way!

Precious lives on the way! Will we be busy? You can bet on that! We are a retired couple and have all the time in the world to focus on our babies. Each life that we plan to bring in this world will have individual attention and love. That's what we do!! Love on babies!! It is very fulfilling for us to hear all the reports back from our puppy families thanking us for their sweet, content, confident and well adjusted new little companions. Everyone is very happy! That makes us happy!!

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