We specialize in Multigenerational Bernedoodles ( Yes as non-shedding and hypoallergenic as an F1B)

Good News - We have Puppies! Some are here and others will be arriving.
We have various sizes planned at different times. Micro mini, mini, medium and standard.

As Bernedoodle breeding has evolved it has become quite apparent that multigen Bernedoodles have many benefits over F1, F1b etc.
Multigen Bernedoodles have a stockier body structure, square face, better deeper color and fantastic temperaments. When we started breeding Bernedoodles many years ago we weren't satisfied with the long poodle legs and pointier faces of the F1b. We weren't satisfied with the higher energy needs of so much poodle in our puppies. The tri/ rust color was not as deep. We are never happy with the status quo. We are always striving for better. Everyone wants a Bernedoodle that is the fluffy counterpart of the Bernese Mountain dog. We are achieving gorgeous deep color and the most wonderful temperaments in our puppies. Multigen puppies are as hypoallergenic as an F1b. We rely on coat type and color genetics to achieve a hypoallergenic luxurious coat and gorgeous color.

Paisley has puppies due October 19th 2023. We are expecting traditional tri color, chocolate tri color and blue and/or chocolate merle. We had semen shipped from a gorgeous tri color merle stud from Texas. Paisley is 65 lbs and Garth is 30 lbs. We expect the pups to be medium size from 40-55 lbs.

Scarlett will be bred October 2023 to a gorgeous tri color stud from Utah. Her puppies will be medium to standard in size. We are expecting an all tri color litter with gorgeous dark rust/tri points.

Piper will also be bred soon for our micro mini size. Puppies will be 20-30 lbs. She will be bred to a tri color merle stud. We are expecting tri color and tri color blue merle.

Keira will have upcoming puppies. Stud to be determined. Her puppies will be ready February 2024

Aspen will be having Ultra puppies. She will be bred in November. Ultra Bernedoodles have a high % of Bernese Mountain dog while being furnished like your typical bernedoodle. Her puppies will be tri color only.

We have other upcoming litter plans not listed here. Don't hesitate to ask for information.

Our puppies are usually reserved before birth. While we do have deposits in for puppies through early 2024 we do still have availability. Our waitlists are divided up by boys, girls and color requests. For example if we already have deposits in for merle boys a new deposit for a tri color girl will be at the top of the list or visa versa. We use that method so that no one is really at the bottom of a waitlist. We have quite a few upcoming litters so availability is good at this time.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter babies. Our waitlists fill up ahead of time but deposits are spread out over different litters and timeframes. Check with us for availability.
While our girls have regular anticipated cycles they can either be early or late. Once again check with us to inquire about what we have coming in the size and timeframe that meets your needs.
I'm happy to send you photos of previous puppies from the expecting parents you may be interested in.

Call, text or email for more information on upcoming Bernedoodle Puppies Or inquire on the contact us page.
renownedcuties@yahoo.com Text is preferred as it's much faster communication with ease of sending multiple photos and information . Melinda 951 240-9803
We have guardian homes presently. A guardian home is wonderful in that each dog in our program has their own forever home getting all the individual attention they deserve. We have four at our home as family. We will be keeping back a few puppies from the spectacular litters that we have planned. Without guardians that wouldn't be possible. If you live within 45 minutes of Temecula and are interested in learning more about a guardian opportunity let us know. No cost for a puppy to a guardian.

A Note On Coloring

What will my puppy look like?

We've done our homework so that we are able to produce gorgeous coloring and markings. I've done extensive research on color genetics as well as health genetics. Bernedoodles are a little pricier due to the science involved in producing colors correctly.

Our parent dogs are not only health tested but are color and coat type tested.. Phenotype is the physically expressed color of the dog. Genotype is the color genes they carry and can produce.

Will he look like Uncle Harry?

Lately, we've had quite a few people trying to imagine the facial features of upcoming puppies by trying to imagine a cross between the facial coloring of each parent. It doesn't work that way. Each puppy will be marked differently and none will be a carbon copy of Mom or Dad. That's where the Uncle Harry joke comes in. When human babies are born and we look at their facial features, it's easily apparent that little Johnny looks just like Mom or Dad or even Uncle Harry. It's understandable that someone would transfer that logic onto a puppy. Just know that we pair our parents based on color genetics with the goal of the look that everyone wants. Scarlett for example does not have a white blaze on her face. Will she produce puppies with a white blaze? Yes, she will!!

There's those words Genotype and phenotype again!

Our Mommies and Daddies are not brown (I like to use the word Chocolate, it sounds yummier) but they do produce chocolate. Their Phenotype is traditional Tri-color but within their genotype they carry chocolate. The brown gene is little b. Some of our parents carry one b brown and one B Black. The puppies that inherit two little b's will be yummy chocolate. The puppies that inherit Bb will be blacked-based. The majority of the litter is black based as in traditional Tri-color. We will have a few red tuxedo Bernedoodle Puppies ( red with the traditional white markings). That's going to be fun!

Pink noses?

Another question I get asked is about a newborns pink nose. Their noses fill in black very quickly (brown on a chocolate). As their nose color is filling in they will have spotty pink with their black or brown nose. Usually by the time you take your puppy home this process is complete and you have a solid black or brown nose. A black based Bernedoodle will not and should not have a brown nose.

Flashy babies!

Many people are not aware that Bernedoodles come in red or Merle. Those are some flashy eye catching dogs! We of course have traditional Tri color but also get fun flashy colors for those that think outside of the box. Most of our litters will be all Tri color and Tri color Merle. Our Chocolate Tri color Bernedoodle Puppies and Red Tuxedo Bernedoodle Puppies are in high demand. I wish that we got more than a couple in a litter.
It takes a red or chocolate gene from each parent to produce those colors. I can let you know which parents carry Red or Chocolate if that's what you're looking for.

Current And Planned Litters

Available puppies!

We have puppies!
We'll have puppies throughout 2023 and 2024! Contact us for current Bernedoodle litter plans.
Follow on Instagram if you want to look at our recent puppies: Renowned_Bernedoodle_Puppies

We will have Micro Mini Bernedoodle Puppies, Mini Bernedoodle Puppies, Medium size Bernedoodle Puppies and Standard size Bernedoodle Puppies throughout the year. Traditional Tri Color Bernedoodle Puppies, Tri Color Chocolate Bernedoodle Puppies, Tri Color Blue Merle and Chocolate Merle Bernedoodle Puppies.
Wheew! That sounds like a lot but we space them out so that we have plenty of undivided time for each precious litter.
Bernedoodle puppies are $3500-4500 depending on color and markings.

Traditional Tri color Bernedoodle Puppies

Merle Bernedoodle Puppies

Merle Bernedoodles!

Tri Color Merle Bernedoodle Puppies

Blue Merle Bernedoodle Puppies

Merle Parti Bernedoodle Puppies

Tri Color Merle Bernedoodle Puppies come in yummy chocolate too!

Tri Color Chocolate Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Puppies Available Or On The Way!

Precious lives on the way! Will we be busy? You can bet on that! We are a retired couple and have all the time in the world to focus on our babies. Each life that we plan to bring in this world will have individual attention and love. That's what we do!! Love on babies!! It is very fulfilling for us to hear all the reports back from our puppy families thanking us for their sweet, content, confident and well adjusted new little companions. Everyone is very happy! That makes us happy!!

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