Potty Training The Renowned Way

The Renowned early potty training method
Potty training starts with the breeder. Many use potty pads over the entire puppy area. That method teaches puppies to go just anywhere in their living space right they happen to be standing.

Renowned's early potty training
We start with a potty box indoors when the puppies are 3 weeks old. At this early age they already are looking for the "right" place to potty. We give them that so they don't have to resort to potty just anywhere.

Learning to potty outside
We introduce the puppies to artificial turf and dirt to give two options for what you may use at home. Being that they have already learned that there is a "right" place to potty they take to the designated area almost immediately. Our puppies will also be proficient in taking themselves out of a doggy door. While you may not have a doggy door our use of one further reinforces their knowledge that outside is the right place to potty. Our puppies go out of the doggy door to potty 100% of the time by the time they are 6 weeks old.

Puppy goes home
We provide each puppy family with our guide to continuing potty training once at home with you being that they need to learn where to potty at your house. If our method is followed you will have success very quickly. Puppies raised our way look for and want to go in the "right" place.

We are always available for you!
Our job isn't done when your puppy goes home! call or text any time for any needs you might have. Potty training or anything else. Lifelong support is what we are all about! We love our puppies and puppy families! We want you to be so very happy with your new puppy!

Make sure that you receive our potty training guide! Enjoy your new family member! Your commitment and time you put into your puppy will reap immense reward! Enjoy!!

Raising Puppys Correctly

Proper raising of puppies begins before birth


Epigenetics refers to the impact environmental, mental experiences and nutrition has on an unborn puppy ( or human). Genes can be turned on or off. Brain growth and development are impacted for the good or bad. We pay special attention to the happiness, experiences and nutrition of our Mommies.

We implement all we can do to produce healthy, intelligent and content babies.

Puppy Culture

Puppy activity area, Introduction to water play, car rides, crate training and more

Puppy activity area including a tunnel, tent, toys, balance bowl and low elevation to climb up and down. Introduction to water play, acclimation to different surfaces, sights, smells, loud noises of different types, car rides, crate training, manding and more. We implement an ongoing Puppy Curriculum using Puppy Culture and Avidog curriculums throughout the time that we are raising your puppy. ENS is implemented between days 3 and 16 of your puppy's life. Your puppy from us will be loving, social, content and confident in any environment.